Ashley, Ashley wherefore art thou Ashley? What has happened to this once dynamic character? Where has her storyline gone?

Ashley Abbott was once a dynamic, exciting character that was always at the forefront of storylines, but no longer. Ashley can now be found on the very back burner with almost no storyline to speak of. Her current storyline is even less than that other Genoa City resident busybody, Katy Williams. What has happened?

Ever since Ashley married Brad and gave birth to her new baby she has been placed at the farthest back burner with only intermittent storyline. Every few weeks she pops up to poke her nose into Jack’s romantic affairs or wonder why her father seems stressed out and then it’s back to the back burner. A supposedly very smart, high powered business executive, Ashley seems to have fallen off the face of the Y&R story board.

Even the storyline involving the questionable paternity of her child has been dropped. Disappeared into thin air just like the rest of Ashley’s storyline. Will the fans ever find out who is the real father of Ashley’s child or will that be a secret that never comes out? What a great storyline this would be and no one seems to want to go forward with it.

Could it be that all the rumors surrounding Eileen Davidson’s supposed talks with NBC and Days Of Our Lives about reviving the character of Susan Banks have finally pushed Y&R over the edge? Surely it couldn’t be something like that? I would hope not. For Y&R to waste a wonderful talent like Davidson on the back burner certainly makes no sense but I don’t think they would do it out of hurt feelings over her possible exit from the show or wanting to do another soap.

Ashley is such a great character and has so many storyline angles and secrets left to be told. I think a summer build up to the paternity secret being revealed during September sweeps makes a lot of sense and the fans would definitely tune in to see that story played out. Get Ashley off the back burner and onto the front lines where she belongs! Ashley is too good a character and Davidson too good an actress to be playing the Abbott family busybody!

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