Many thoughts influence a person’s decision to start and maintain an exercise program. When people are trying to decide whether they should exercise as planned, their thoughts influence their final decision.

For example, a person may plan to exercise at a specific time of day. As that time draws near, several factors influence his or her final decision. For most people, this decision-making process involves considering the pros and cons of exercising. A positive (pro) aspect of exercise may be that it will promote weight loss over time.

A negative (con) aspect may be that an individual’s significant other will not approve of taking time out of the day to exercise. Thoughts that occur on a daily basis also influence an individual’s decision to exercise.

These thoughts may include, “Exercise will make me more energetic and relieve stress,” or “I’m too busy or too tired to exercise today.” These daily thoughts are important to examine because they may immediately impact the decision whether to exercise as planned.

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