Although many people have heard about teeth whitening treatments, they do not know very much about the subject. This lack of knowledge keeps them for enjoying the benefits of teeth whitening. Here is some information you need to be aware of when it comes to this topic:

1. People don’t realize that there are teeth whitening kits that will fit anyone’s financial budget. You do not have any reason to continue feeling embarrassed by the stains or the tint of your teeth. There are many different varieties of teeth whitening products, varying from the cheaper dental strips to high-priced professional treatments. If you search the market, you will discover a solution that is right for your finances and your busy lifestyle.

2. If you have concerns regarding safety, the good news is that the teeth whitening methods that are usually used, like the peroxide-based ones, are 100% safe. Some minor and temporary discomfort, like gum irritation or sensitivity of the teeth can occasionally occur. Usually a tray that does not fit well is the primary cause of the gum irritation, not the whitening procedure itself. Besides, any pain you have is only going to be temporary and it will go away soon. These procedures have been recognized for their success and safety by the American Dental Association.

3. In case you doubt that teeth whitening is worth the time, expense, and trouble, I can assure you that whitening your teeth has a variety of benefits. The biggest benefit is the instant effect on the social confidence of the person who had either stained or discolored teeth. Evidence has shown that these people have received tremendous benefits, like having more self esteem and being more confident in social situations. This is quite beneficial to people who think their unattractive smile has caused them to seem less attractive to people of the opposite sex. The minimal pain and the price are worth it, because now you can be happy and open your mouth to smile without being ashamed.

4. Some people might feel discomfort after the normal teeth whitening procedure, but this discomfort can easily be prevented or soothed. In a situation where your teeth are sensitive, the ideal thing is to have a longer interval between your treatments. If sensitivity continues, it may be a good idea to use a toothpaste that is specially formulated for sensitive teeth. Wear the tray for shorter periods of time if it is causing pain or irritation. The procedure will take a bit more time in this manner, but it will always lessen the discomfort.

5. It is quite possible that you can have the same results at your home that you get with treatments in a dental office. The same results have frequently been obtained from home whitening kits and with dental whitening treatments. The biggest difference is the time it will take for you to see the results you are looking for. By going to the dentist, you will usually see results within one or two visits, while using the home whitening kit will take a few weeks to result in any kind of changes. However, doing the treatment at home is a lot cheaper than having the job done professionally.

6. Sadly, teeth whitening is not permanent. After having your teeth whitened, you will have to repeat the same steps in about 6-9 months in order for your teeth to remain white. The length of time that it will last depends totally on your habits like smoking, chewing tobacco, etc. Your treatment will also endure much longer when you have had a professional quality, higher-cost procedure from a dentist than when using over-the-counter alternatives. In order to save money, many people have discovered that whitening kits for home use are very affordable, since after you get the tray the only thing left to purchase is the gel.

7. It is a common misconception that brushing vigorously with a hard bristled toothbrush can keep teeth white. This really does not work so well. On the contrary, it is known to cause harm to your teeth over time because it removes the tooth enamel. And below it is the second layer, which is called dentin, which is yellowish or brownish in color — this is something you do not want to bring to the surface.

8. The basic whitening toothpastes don’t do very much at all. They offer mild friction along with some polishing substances that will take the surface stains away and only allow the teeth to look a shade lighter. They are completely ineffective for extremely stained or tinted teeth. The whitening effect is mostly all talk.

9. A lot of tooth discoloration is due to consuming foods that have coloring pigments, like soy sauce. Teeth can also become stained from eating cherries and berries. Beverages such as tea, dark sodas, coffee, cranberry juice, and many other colored drinks can cause the teeth to become stained. When drinking drinks that tend to stain, the best thing to do to protect your pearly whites is to use a straw and brush immediately after you drink them.

10. You need to be careful when using home teeth whitening remedies that others recommended. Do intensive research before you use anything. Certain acidic items can lower the calcium in your teeth, even though they are natural products. For instance, some people believe that by rubbing lemon juice or lemon peels on your teeth, they will become whiter. Tooth decay due to the deterioration of calcium in your teeth can be accelerated by acids like those in lemon juice.

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