Personally I prefer to use knowledge of performance, because in volleyball, like in all other sports, proper form and technique is very important. It is unusual to see a sport played at a high level by an athlete who has terrible technique. Even if a player were passing perfectly to the target with improper technique, […]

Recreational scuba diving, as taught by national certifying agencies, is defined as diving that uses only compressed air as the breathing mixture, is never done solo, does not exceed a depth of 130 feet, has a depth-time profile not requiring a decompression stop and does not require specialized training beyond the basic open water course.

Stressful situations, such as job interviews and testifying on the witness stand, may impair memory and make even simple questions difficult to answer, according to a study. Participants (36 healthy adults) were given placebo and cortisone pills to raise cortisol, a hormone that is produced in the blood during stressful events, to test the effects […]

The look of your ad is the other half of the battle. I always tell clients their ads are their signatures. First, come up with a “look” you are happy with, and that works well in the chosen medium. Then stick with it. After all, how often do you intentionally change your signature?

The examination of someone with suspected hyperthyroidism involves checking the pulse, which may be racing and irregular, blood pressure, which may be high, and reflexes, which may be very quick, using a reflex hammer. In addition, the physician will look for signs of shaking of the hands (a tremor) and any excess sweatiness of the […]

While we strive to add new information to our Web pages on a weekly basis, we realize that FitnessWorld is not the end-all in the Web universe. We can’t hope to supply you with every bit of information you seek online.

You know how to identify quacks in the medical field. As Dr. William T. Jarvis, president of the national Council Against Health Fraud, recently said they are the ones who want the public to see them as “Galileo types who have been ostracized — that their work has merit and they are not getting just […]

This is in contrast to a post-menopausal woman whose ovaries are no longer functioning to produce estrogen. For this woman, her hypothalamic pituitary ovarian axis cannot create the estrogen roller coaster of the perimenopause. In menopause, the ovaries (part of that intricate system) are not able to grow follicles that contain eggs that can produce […]

Some women are surprised to learn that oral contraceptives have more estrogen than standard hormone replacement with estrogen. The lowest dose of oral contraception available contains 20 micrograms of ethinyl estradiol. This is 4 times that in a standard hormone replacement regime, which contains 5 micrograms of ethinyl estradiol (equivalent to 0.625 mg of conjugated […]

I was talking to a girlfriend the other night, and she was complaining about the amount of stuff she’d managed to collect over the years, including, most recently, all the stuff out of her mother’s house, which she had just sold when her mother went to live with her brother. “I feel like I’m drowning […]