These positive ions affect each of us differently; some of us have a higher resistance than others. Some people have been found to suffer migraine headaches, asthma, and depression when exposed to excessive positive ions.

Dr. Felix Sulman, a professor of Applied Pharmacology at Jerusalem University, conducted an experiment with positive and negative ions. His findings revealed that when a group of men and women are left in a room that contains an overdose of positive ions, they become irritable and fatigued. Yet when they are left in a room that has air conditioning and an overdose of negative ions for the same quantity of time, they experience increased alertness and relaxation.

Another scientist, Doctor of California, found that, “a surprisingly small amount of negative ions could kill and take out of the air, the types of bacteria that cause colds, influenza and respiratory infections.” He also noted an excess of negative ions appeared to create a calming effect. Other researchers have noted negative ions may reduce anxiety, stimulate appetite, and improve concentration.

How does one deal with this negative ion phenomenon? First of all, taking more trips to the ocean, the mountains, or the river would be good for starters.

It would also be a good idea to install a fountain or rooftop solarium in your home. Since these options are not always possible though, you may want to consider buying a negative ion generator.

Just as positive ions may be produce artificially by way of pollution, negative ions can be produced by way of a generator. Although ion generators are not so common in the United States, they have been used since World War II. One ionizer expert, Jim Karnstedt, states the U.S. uses ionizers on it nuclear submarines. He also states ionizers as being used more and more in food processing plants, grain storage bins, and chemical spray factories.

Ionizers can be found at retail outlets such as the or from other wholesale dealers on the Internet. Prices start around $65 and can range up into the thousands.

Before purchasing an ionizer, do consider the size of the room you wish to ionize and the concentration of ions the ionizer will produce. Also look at the warranty on parts and labor and make sure it includes a list of authorized service centers. Since industry standardization has not yet been implemented, it’s very important to exercise caution when making such a purchase.

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