So you are stressed and don’t know where to turn? Here are some popular herbal remedies that are said to help you beat stress!

Holistic understanding: When the adrenal glands are chronically stimulated by the body’s reaction to stress … the long-term results are usually a depletion of immune, hormone and digestive systems.

Herbal remedies: Popular anti-stress herbs include Siberian Ginseng and licorice root. Use calmative herbs such as kava root, you can also try California poppy flowering plant, valerian root and passionflower herb on a regular basis.

Ginseng: Siberian or Eleuthero ginseng is from a different plant group in the ginseng botanical family than American, Korean or Chinese ginseng. Unlike Chinese ginseng that gives energy, Eleuthero ginseng is used to help you adapt to stress of any kind, while maintaining balance in all of your activities. This will help you go the distance.

Licorice Root: Licorice is a small shrubby plant in the pea family. The root is harvested after three years. The root has potent soothing anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effects. Licorice tea works best with fatigue and shortness of breath. Licorice root should not be taken if you are pregnant or have high blood pressure. When taken for extended periods, licorice root may cause potassium depletion and sodium retention.

Kava: Kava has a memorable name and taste. Now that the wonderful muscle relaxing and mellowing out qualities of the herb are known in the U.S. and Europe …

Kava is becoming one of the most popular herbs in use. If you are tense, nervous, stressed or unable to relax, this herb may be worth a try.

Healthy Habits: Detaching from the daily pressure of life is the most important factor in stress reduction. You can do this with meditation, deep breathing, visualization and stretching. Follow a natural foods diet with lightly steamed vegetables, grains, legumes and a little meat if you desire.

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